Legal Minds: Professor Scott Davidson

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


On the run up to the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, Professor Scott Davidson, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Lincoln, delivered a fascinating guest lecture at the University of Lincoln Law Society.

Professor Davidson is the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Lincoln and a Professor of Law. Scott has published a number of books and articles focusing on the international law of human rights, the law of the sea and European Union law. 

On Wednesday 8th October 2014, members and guests of the University of Lincoln Law Society enjoyed his lecture, as he helps begin the University of Lincoln's celebrations of 800 years of the Magna Carta.

Next year marks eight hundred years since the signing of Magna Carta, the document which enshrined the rule of law in England and which has provided the inspiration for constitutional democracies all over the world, including the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The City of Lincoln houses one of only four remaining original copies of Magna Carta in the world and is unique in also holding an original copy of the Charter of the Forest, which was signed two years later in 1217.


He told us he enjoyed the lecture, and spoke of the importance of the Magna Carta to it’s Lincoln home. “It's particularly important for Lincoln, having one of the original 1215 Magna Cartas. As a Law student, I'd never studied it, so I decided that it was time I did some research to understand what it really meant in its original format.”


He also praised the Law Society, which is currently the biggest at the University, and how it’s operations. “The Law Society is going extremely well, it's a very cohesive body, well-led by Jack."


Law Society President, Jack Maddock, thanked Professor Davidson for delivering the first lecture in the Legal Minds series, saying: “He gave a fascinating insight into the local, national and international significance of the Magna Carta, both legally and socially. "We'd like to say thank you to Scott for his time and his continuing support of the Law Society."

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