2014/15 Law Society Team Announced

Friday, June 6, 2014

The University of Lincoln Law Society is pleased to announce the appointment of our society team for the academic year 2014/15.


Our new team will work alongside the Executive Committee to provide a high quality experience for all our members. We are looking forward to working with this team to offer exciting events, engaging opportunities and a professional network of new contacts. The society has grown exponentially over the last few years to become a flagship society at Lincoln; we are confident that this pattern of growth will continue with the implementation of our new organisational team structure.


Events Director - Allison Cargill (LLM International Law)

Allison will be joining our management team as the Events Director. This role will require exquisite organisation and communication skills as she drives the Events Division to deliver prestigious formal events, engaging guest lectures and entertaining social events. We believe that Alison's previous experience within the Law Society during her LLB and her experience in the University’s Marketing Department, will keep her in good stead for managing and overseeing the Events Division during the next academic year.


Engagement Director - Matthew Smeeth (LLB Law, level 2)

Matthew will also be joining our new management team as the Engagement Director. The role will require keen organisational skills and a genuine interest in improving student engagement, particularly in the areas of mooting, pro bono and negotiation. We believe that Matthew’s extensive management and business experience as a member of Youth Parliament and being a Trustee will put in him good stead for overseeing the work of the other engagement officers and assistants.


Executive Assistant - Jessica Rhodes (LLB Law, level 2)

Jessica will be joining the society as the Executive Assistant. The Executive Assistant will be working closely with the Executive Committee to help run and oversee the whole of our Law Society. Jessica’s experience of working in an administrative role in business environments will allow her to provide invaluable support to the Executive Committee.


Press Officer - Will Longman (BA Journalism, level 2)

Will Longman will be joining our Marketing Division as the Press Officer. The Press Officer will handle our literary and journalistic presence both internally and externally. Will’s previous relevant experience will allow us to maintain a professional image for the society, and his interest and enthusiasm for the role reflects his own career aspirations, which will make him a strong member of our new team.


Mooting Officer - Michael Ruddick (LLB Law, level 2)

Michael will be joining our Engagement Division as the Mooting Officer, also known as the Master of Moots. In this role, Michael will manage our portfolio of external and internal mooting events and competitions. He has already built himself a reputation for mooting within the University throughout his first year, both internally and externally, and his genuine passion and enthusiasm for supporting young advocates within the University will shine through in his coaching and administration of mooting opportunities.


Negotiation Officer - Laura Palmer (LLB Law, level 2)

Laura will also be joining our Engagement Division as the Negotiation Officer, a brand new role within the Law Society which focuses on commercial legal and business skills. This role will undoubtedly create new challenges for the Law Society in the coming academic year, but Laura has evidenced her strong commitment to the society and her hard-working and supportive nature which will no doubt benefit all those who wish to engage in negotiation activities in the coming year.


Pro Bono Officer - Ryan Alexander (LLB Law, level 2)

Ryan will also be joining our Engagement Division as the Pro Bono Officer, which is another new role and a new venture for the Law Society in the coming year. This role is focused on altruism and providing legal support to the community, and Ryan’s experience with the Lincoln Citizens Advice Bureau and pro bono work at the University of Manchester will be an asset to this opportunity. His fresh new ideas and practical experience will help create new opportunities for all.


Formal Events Officer - Kimberley Wallace (LLB Law, level 2)

Kim will be joining the Events Division as our Formal Events Officer. The Formal Events Officer will be managing a portfolio of prestigious formal events, that have seen huge success under her predecessors. Kim's previous experience amasses from a wide variety of event management and event organisation and she aims to carry on the great work of her predecessors and maintain the society's prestigious image in the next academic year.


Watch this space as we will be releasing our Careers Officer, Sports Officer, Graphic Designer and other positions shortly.

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