Law Society Team 2013/14 Announced

Friday, April 26, 2013

After the long process of considering many applications and interviewing candidates it gives the Executive Committee great pleasure to announce the new Society Team for the academic year 2013/14. In addition to the following members two first year students will be appointed in September onto the Social and Academic Events Committees. A final position of Publicity Officer will also be appointed in September with the aim of finding a first year student to fill the role.

The following members will help as the Society redefines itself and begins on some exciting new ventures. We have created a dynamic organisational structure which will support the society and ensure that all members have specific roles and job descriptions.


Society Clerk – Jade Casey (LLB Law, 2nd year)

Jade will be joining us in the new role of Society Clerk; this is a demanding role and requires a high level of organisation and skill. Jade’s extensive professional experience ensures that she will be a valuable asset to the Society. Jade shares many of the aims which the Society wants to reach over the next year and her level of enthusiasm and friendly personality will ensure the success of this.


Editor-in-Chief – Oliver Dyson (BA English and Journalism, 2nd year)

Oliver will be pioneering the new role of Editor-in-Chief as chair of the Publicity Committee and heading up some exciting new Society publications which will be announced soon. In addition Oliver will be providing editorial coverage of Society events. Oliver’s past editorial experience and unique skill set makes him an ideal candidate for this role and will provide a new element to the Society.


Graphic Designer – Kate Hirons (BA Graphic Design, 2nd year)

Kate will be joining the Publicity Committee in the newly created role of Graphic Designer. Kate will be able to utilise her professional design experience to support the Society. As the Society undergoes a rebranding Kate will help us create a corporate image and also support the other committees as they create publicity material for events.


Master of Moots – Louis Glen Harman (LLB Law, 2nd year)

Louis is joining the Society to work on the venture to bring back Mooting and advocacy based events, competitions and workshops. These events will be accessible to all Society Members and will provide advocacy experience in a variety of formats. Louis has been successful in taking part in ICLR and OUP Moots and winning many rounds on behalf of the Law School. His success and experience will be utilised by the Society as we devise opportunities for Members.


Mistress of Moots – Rhiannon Lock (LLB Law, 2nd year)

Rhiannon will also be joining the Mooting Committee to create opportunities for Society Members to engage with advocacy based competitions and events. The Society would like to hold mooting competitions, mock trials, client interviewing and other events. In addition we will be holding workshops, especially focussing on first year students to assist with their Legal Skills Module Moot. Rhiannon’s past experience with the legal profession and skill set will be vital to ensure the success of the Society’s aims.


Formal Events Director – Emily Barnard (LLB Law and Politics, 1st year)

Emily will be joining the Society in the newly created role of Formal Events Director, this role works alongside its counterpart and the Vice President to plan and organise Society formal events. We aim to repeat the success of the Law Ball and have other formal events such as dinners and mixers. Emily’s experience and knowledge of this area will ensure that events are well planned and successfully executed.


Formal Events Director – Steph Farish (BA International Business Management, 3rd year)

Stephanie will be joining the Society fresh off a placement year in France and will also be taking the role of Formal Events Director. Stephanie’s business knowledge of organisation, budgeting and planning will ensure that the Society’s formal events are a success. In addition Stephanie’s experience working with other societies and organisations will ensure that we communicate effectively with suppliers and venues.


Academic Events Director – Helen Price (LLB Law, 2nd year)

Helen will be joining us as the new Academic Events Director and will be heading up the Academic Events Committee. Helen's professional and business experience make her well suited for this role and her networking abilities will be a great advantage to the Society. We aim to hold many academic events with a variety of guests and speakers from a variety of backgrounds and fields. Also, Helen's positive ‘can do’ attitude represents the way in which the Society wants to move forward.


Academic Events Officer – Natalie Nakamora Thorpe (LLB Law, 1st year)

Natalie is joining us as part of the Academic Events Committee, where her organisational skills will be put to good use. We aim to provide valuable visits and events for members, something which Natalie has experience with both locally and internationally. In addition Natalie shows the ability to complete any administrative and planning work to a high standard.


Social Events Director – Jacob Melleney (LLB Law, 2nd year)

Jacob will be joining the Society as the new Social Events Director who will be leading the Social Events Committee. Jacob’s past experience with other societies and organising events on varying scales will ensure he works to a high level within the Society. Jacob’s fantastic interpersonal skills means that he will create events which are welcoming to new and returning members alike. Jacob is an approachable individual who represents what the Society is trying to achieve across the board.


Social Events Officer – Harry Conti (LLB Law, 2nd year/level 1)

Harry is returning to the Society as the level two member of the Social Events Committee. Harry’s experience organising large scale events and ability to secure venues will be vital to ensure the Society creates a reputation for its social events. Harry has many connections in the relevant industry which will ensure Society Members are getting the best from their nights out. Harry also has experience promoting events and his approachable and friendly personality ensure he represents the best of the Society.

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