Election Results 2012/13

Thursday, March 1, 2012

And the votes are in! The easiest position to fill seemed to be treasurer, as only Natalia Fryda stood for this position and won quite comfortably, with unanimous backing.


The role of Vice President was hotly contested, with a whopping three people running for this position. The competition came down to be between Fiona McLeish, Gooleswari Seeburn (the current Treasurer) and Rebecca Day. Each of them did a one minute speech stating what they would change and implement into the Law Society to make it better. Rebecca Day won the majority vote and will take office.


The role for President was a power struggle between the current head honcho (David Stott) and the current Vice President (Lindsay Westgarth). After a one minute speech the votes were in, and the victory goes to Lindsay. As Law School Rep and newly elected Officer for Social Science, Lindsay has stated she will give the society the guidance and direction it needs to make it the society members are willing to pay for.

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