In addition to the opportunities provided by the University of Lincoln Law Society, students can also develop their skills with the following Law School, University and Students' Union opportunities. Also, students can recognise their volunteering and extracurricular work through the Lincoln Award.

Lincoln Law Clinic

From participating in the clinic, students have the opportunity to develop skills which would otherwise not be developed until much later on in their legal careers. At the interview stage students will develop their communication skills, their interviewing skills and their note taking skills. Post interview, students will develop their team working skills, their research skills and letter writing skills. Throughout the process students are made aware of the importance of client care and managing the expectations of not only their client but also those of their other firm members and Clinic staff.


The Law Clinic is managed by Mr Kieran Durcan and recruitment takes place at the start of the academic year. It is open to level two and three students.



Downing Criminal Mock Trial Competition

In addition to the advocacy oppotunities available to students though Mooting, the Law School offers a Criminal Mock Trial Competition. This competition is supported by Ms Brigida Downing who is an alumna of Lincoln Law School. The competition tests students cross-examination and evidence skills and there is a £100 cash prize for the winner.


The competition takes place annually in Term 2 and is organised by Mr John Kelly.

Lincoln Award

The Lincoln Award is an achievement framework designed to support, enhance and recognise extra-curricular activity. The award is tailored for each subject and every student is guided through the award by recommendations from their College's Careers Advisor. This support ensures you make the most of the opportunities available and reach your full potential.


The Lincoln Award is open to all students currently studying at the University of Lincoln. You can start the award at any point and must complete it before graduation.


You can find out more and how to apply on the Students' Union website.

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